Sandblasted glass blown bead, made with pea green, light blue, pastel purple, lemon yellow, black, grey.

Bead size: Ø3.5 cm

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MODEL: WORM – Sandblasted Limited Edition

The glass beads are made of Murano glass using the traditional Venetian Roll-Up Technique, meaning that the coloured canes are first rolled, then pulled to create the pattern. The composition is then blown and crafted in the furnace. Finally, each single bead is put in the annealer where the temperature is brought down slowly, avoiding sudden shock, therefore making the glass resistant. When cold, each bead is sandblasted acquiring a warm shade

Each bead is handcrafted using the traditional glass blowing tools, thus making it unique.

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Ø2 – Ø2.5 cm, Ø2,5 – Ø3 cm, Ø3 – Ø3.5 cm, FLAT


Aquamarine, Plum Purple, Orange, Light Blu, Brown, Blu Cobalt, Aquamarine, White Filigree, White Filigree, Black Filigree, Trasparent Yellow, Aquamarine, Black Filigree, Black, Petroleum Green, Pastel Green, Pea Green, Pastel Yellow-Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Multicolour, Pastel Red Purple, Black Filigree, Trasparent Red, Plum Purple, Red Purple, Aquamarine, Mustard, Black Filigree